Friday, June 27, 2014

Climbing at Castle Rock and Surfing in Santa Cruz, May 10-11

I'm rolling with the backlog here!

I went to Reuben's Bar Mitzvah early in the morning Saturday, then immediately drive to Castle Rock, where I did some bouldering in the main area, sending The Beak Traverse, which was a V3 I had done nearly 7 years ago!  After bouldering, we headed to Indian Rock, where I lead an easy 5.9 and a bunch of people climbed it.

After camping in what was basically a parking lot with a hot tub in Scott's Valley, Sunday rolled around and I went surfing.  Unfortunately, Cori's old wetsuit fell apart when putting it on, so I went in solo.  There were very small waves at the Hook, but I moved to Pleasure Point, and caught a few very nice long rights.  After surfing, we headed to the Lighthouse for a silent disco party as the sun set.

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