Friday, June 27, 2014

Bay to Breakers, May 18

I wasn't planning on running the race, but decided to go with my friends Kyle and Sharada at the last minute. Sharada hadn't run a race of this length before, and Kyle and I had previously run it together.  I decided a light run would be fun since I was out of shape and not ready for a 12k, so it was a perfect setup.  We started in a late group, and my lack of preparation showed when I needed to pee as I was waiting to start.  We discussed it, and decided to stop at a bathroom after running only for a few minutes, but I lost them almost immediately.  After struggling to wait 20 minutes for a stall, I was off running and looking for the two of them.  I picked up my pace, passing lots of drunk people now making their way west.  As I passed more and more people, I eventually hit a healthy mix of runners and drinkers by the panhandle, then pure runners in the park.  I never found Kyle and Sharada, but decided to amp it up and run fast for the last mile and half.  I finished, like I normally do, barely able to breath, but excited after another race.  I fini 1:33:11, obviously much slower than previous runs, but not too bad when considering I waited for 20-30 minutes to go to the bathroom.

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