Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Road Trip South, Jan 18-20

Cori and I drove down to surf at 38th Ave on Saturday.  The waves were nice, and we saw a sea otter right next to us.  There were literally hundreds of people in the water as the sun set.  It was fun to finally catch some good waves on my 7'2".  Afterward, we drove to Big Sur where we stayed at a river-side campsite with a rowdy bar up on the hill.  We listened to the crappy music before going to sleep and tossing and turning to the sound of all night partying.

On Sunday we explored some Big Sur beaches and did some hikes at Pfeiffer State Beach where there is a beautiful arch and tall rocks.  It reminded me somewhat of Lover's Beach in Cabo.  Then, we went for an evening walk to Andrew Molera State Beach where we watched the fog-covered surfers.  We ate dinner at a fun little Japanese place in Monterey, and then worked our way north to our standard Santa Cruz camping spot, New Brighton Beach.

We headed to the beach on Monday morning, eating our breakfast burritos while watching Pleasure Point firing off double overhead sets.  We decided to head a bit south and check out The Hook, which had perfect overhead peeling rights stacking up to the horizon.  It looked doable, so we headed in, only to be yelled by by ornery locals for riding boards longer than theirs'.  It was a pretty awful experience, so we headed in after Cori caught a wave.  She studied while I tried to get redemption at 38th Ave.  I caught a few nice waves, but was totally tapped out at sunset, so we drove home after getting some quick food at Whole Foods.