Tuesday, November 19, 2013

On the Mend at The Hook, Nov 16

It has been over a month since my last post, which reflects how hard I succumbed to my persistent cough and subsequent excruciatingly painful rib injury.  Two weekends ago was the first time I felt well enough to do anything for along time, and Cori and I went on two long urban hikes, including going up Mount Sutro, which was surprisingly pretty and devoid of people, and not surprisingly eerie in the dark.

Now that my ribs have mostly healed, only the funniest Arrested Development jokes send pain down my side, and even though I can't sleep on my stomach, I can apparently surf reasonably well.  I tried my new 7'2" hybrid at the Hook on Saturday since Cori and I were down in Santa Cruz for a concert on Friday.  It was extremely crowded, but I caught a few, and really enjoyed the lower volume, more responsive feel of my new board.

On Sunday, I climbed for the first time in many weeks, which resulted in a bit more rib pain, but left me feeling good with a handful of v4s under my belt in a surprisingly good session.  I might try running this week, which would be a first since my foot started hurting after Bay to Breakers.  The lack of exercise has really been getting me down, and I am determined to turn things around.  The real icing on the cake would be to get out climbing in the Sierras before the snow and rain keeps most crags unclimbable.

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