Thursday, June 27, 2013

Abnormally fun surfing, June 26

It was almost 6pm, and the Linda Mar surf cam was showing clear skies and clean conditions.  I quickly finished up my work, and was in the water in about an hour, paddling out at the southern part of the beach.   Even though it was crowded, it was mostly fathers with young kids, non of whom were catching many waves.  I was apprehensive about surfing after my last horrible experience at Bolinas where 5 hours of driving left me without waves or a blog post.  All of that washed away after I caught my first wave, which was a nice long left with a fast and small inside section.  I was able to paddle for almost every wave I wanted, and my arms were limp as the sun started to set and the crowd thinned out.  I got nearly two hours of warm, sunny, and clean surf.

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