Friday, March 15, 2013

Utah, March 7-10

I met a bunch of friends from the east coast in Utah for some skiing. First day, we went to Snowbird where the conditions weren't so good. It was icy, but we had fun and found some fresh snow here and there, but there wasn't much. Natalie's brother got in a hairy situation when he took his snowboard off high up on a ridge, and then fell, losing his board in the process, which careened down the slope at an impressive speed. I had to help out and hand him a ski pole to get back onto the ridge. We went to Canyons the second day, which was mediocre terrain-wise, and was very crowded. The third day we scored a bunch of powder at Solitude. I got in line very early and had the first run down one of their steep bowls. I really went all out that day, and it was great because there was a ton of terrain open that was closed when we were there. I flew solo for a while, and ended up in the scary "Terror Chutes" area, which a local told me was a bad place to go solo for the first time. He guided me out, and I avoided the hard cliffs/chutes, but had to do a mandatory drop of 5 or so feet. Not too bad considering. We played around after lunch dropping small things, which was a total blast.

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