Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Mini Adventure Weekend Dec 8-9

Originally, I was planning on skiing this weekend, but the beautiful bay area weather kept me around for some non-winter activities.  Cori and I got a late start on Saturday, and strolled up to Mickey's Beach where we were greeted by a lack of crowds, and slightly wet rock.  Cori did great on her first outdoor climbs, and she finished the tricky and somewhat blank 10b.  We hung out with a nice loner, Brit, and his cute mutt, Ty until the sun set over the water in rather dramatic fashion.

Cori hanging out with Ty (taken by a nice stranger, Eric)

Cori and I got an early-ish start on Sunday, and we met up with Danielle and Tory at Ocean Beach for some surfing.  Cori is a well-traveled surfer, having spent much of her life living close to the beach, but she (and I) haven't been out for many months.  OB was cranking powerful waves on the shallow sandbar, some of which got into the head high range, which was waaaaay too much for me.  It was fun to be in the water, and successfully make the paddle out, but I only half-assed catching one only to back off.  I need easier waves!

Ocean Beach was rough...

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