Friday, October 21, 2011

Tahoe Climbing, Oct 16

Shortly before the accident, Scott and I went to Lover's Leap for a day trip.  We had intended on staying at the Leap, but ended up at Phantom Spires due to wet rock.  Neither of us had been there, and we LOVED Candyland (10c).  That is certainly one of the best 10s around.
Scott with Candyland's hilarious and fun protruding holds in the background

After doing a few climbs, we went back to the Leap, approaching from a "secret" entrance closer to East Wall.  We climbed The Line (9), which was an awesome, sustained, and clean line (hence the name).  I fell a few times at the bottom crux, and we had communication problems due to wind near the top.  The lack of communication caused me to drop a cam during a tenuous section.  Stupid.
Scott somewhere on the first pitch of The Line

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