Friday, September 16, 2011

Some random stuff

I enabled anonymous comments.  I'm not sure if anyone actually wanted to comment on my posts, but now you can rather easily!

I'm not going on any trips this weekend, not for the next few weeks, most likely.  I have what is ostensibly the most important work related presentation of my life to give in a few weeks, and preparation is going to eat up a lot of time.  I might post some gear-related things, or some fun old pictures, I dunno.  Frankly, I'm looking to expand the blog in general to encompass things other than just my trips.

In addition, I'm thinking about new ways to write about my trips.  Narratives can be tedious to write, and I never know how much detail to go into since a lot of it is probably boring.  I find myself really excited about fleshing out little vignettes from trips, but not all the filler between.  After I fight through the filler, I'm too lazy and disinterested to proofread what I've written, so I post away.  I've been finding that the quality of my writing has gone down as a result, so I'm thinking about doing much more brief narratives, or photo-centric stories of my trips.  That way, I can focus on the portions of writing I like, which may not give the full story, but will hopefully be descriptive and engaging enough to convey aspects of the trips.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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