Thursday, July 28, 2011

Narragansett, July 23

I had a rude awakening from my very alert and excited Mom at 6am last Saturday.  I hadn't gotten more than a few hours of sweaty sleep in my sauna-like room, but she insisted that I was going to the ocean with her and Rich.  I tried to get out of it citing an exhausting night of Settlers of Catan with my high school friends, but a minor tantrum on her part had me dragging my body out of bed and into some trunks.

Shortly before getting pummeled!

We got to the beach when it was still empty considering the exceedingly hot weather, and I headed right for the inlet, still pissed off from my interrupted sleep.  My anger washed away into the clean knee to waist waves and 70 degree water when I dove in for my first wave.  I haven't bodyboarded since 2006, but this was once what climbing is for me today, and I was psyched for the abnormally ridable summer waves.  I used to come to Narragansett, Nantasket and other local beaches for the infrequently awesome waves of the Nor'Easter season each year.  I pulled into some small closeout barrels and rode some longer shoulders when I could find them.  I got a few good sessions in before we left the heat and afternoon crowds to head back to MA.
Enjoying the small waves

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