Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Rule

I spend lots and lots of time of time in a dark cubicle making things like CG explosions and laser beams.  I love what I do, but when the weekend comes, I'm on the road looking to escape by spending my time gallivanting around the Sierras.  In general, I'd like to think I can do anything with my precious two days off.  Drive to Vegas?  No problem!  Boston to Kentucky for a weekend?  It could be done!  These scenerios illustrate the dilemma I visited time and time again as a poor college student looking to get away from the books and climb at the Gunks for a day.  The drive looked something like this (Providence, RI to New Paltz, NY):

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To compensate for 8 hours of driving, and required climber's fee, The Gunks are ostensibly a climbing amusement park with deliciously steep and easy multipitch trad.  Combine simple access from the carriage road in the Trapps with beautiful views during the fall months, and you have climbing bliss.  I seriously miss this place.
Me leading the classic 5.5 Horesman
After a day of climbing on a typical Saturday, I'd inevitably find myself frantically yelling the lyrics to songs on my iPod (does that seem dated now?) with the windows down, trying to keep myself awake on the drive home.  Thus, the rule was born; never spend more time driving to and from somewhere than you do participating in some activity.

Have I stuck to this rule?  Mostly.  It was broken on a 3 day trip to Crater Lake over July 4th a few years ago.
worth the drive?  Sure!

Does this rule mean I no longer get outdoors for fear of the inevitable sleep-inducing drive home?   After-all, the Sierras are a true road trip rule-defying  4-7+ hours away... Absolutely not!  Luckily, my post college life made it easy to dedicate all TWO weekend days to adventuring!  
Justin backcountry skiing in Lassen National Park

Next up: some long trad climbing in Yosemite this weekend.  I wonder how long the line will be at The East Buttress of Middle Cathedral...

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  1. This is a wonderful blog...interesting concept about your drive should not be longer than your activity time!!

    Your pictures are beautiful!!!